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Data Products

What’s Available

DataLiner – our best-established product is delivered via DatAnalysis. Includes details of all maritime exports and imports from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Shows information on the vessels, ports, carriers, shippers and consignees and the volumes they are moving. Sourced directly from manifests through Datamar’s partnership with shipping lines.

CompCont – since 1996 Brazilian ports and terminals have reported to Datamar what their container throughput is on a monthly basis, showing full and empty containers, deep-sea and cabotage, 20s and 40s. Since the source is the port authorities themselves, this information is official and heavily used by the market.

VSA - a database containing details of the services operating on the East Coast of South America, including tradelane, port rotation, vessel names and TEU and Reefer plug capacities, carriers, operators.

Vessel Calls - database with port calls by vessels operating on the East Coast of South America plus Chile and showing terminal, shipping agent, vessel names, vessel types and characteristics.

Terminals - database containing details of container terminals, updated by Datamar and the terminals themselves. Contains information on physical characteristics (area, quay front, land and sea access, depth and draft), equipment (ship to shore cranes, models and quantities), technical data (throughput capacity, plugs, system), legal information (shareholders, concession details and dates), news (future plans, equipment purchases, problems).

Inland Revenue - database from Brazil’s Inland Revenue where it is possible to see details on imports including quantity, values and descriptions.

Secex - Brazilian Government data, showing all exports and imports grouped monthly by Brazilian port and Foreign country, showing information in tons and FOB values.

AIS - Real time positions of vessels moving along the East Coast of South America; information includes times of arrival and departure, status as moored or anchored etc.

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New Developments:

Over the last five months Datamar has been talking to clients and developing a new tool that will take DataLiner to the next level. The main developments include:

- Shorter time lag

- Greater breadth of data – Big Data

- Better technology – ready made reports

- Available on the browser

- Works on all devices – responsive

Soon we will be releasing a BETA version of DataLiner. A big thank you to our clients for your usual cooperation and support!

What is it

DataLiner is a maritime trade data product that enables you to analyze the market and take decisions on three different levels:

  • Strategic – overall view of the maritime and logistics market
  • Commercial – detailed information on companies and commodities
  • Operational – maritime logistics detailing vessels, ports and terminals

Countries covered

DataLiner applies the same methodology to process data across four different countries, meaning you can be sure you are comparing apples with apples – something not so easily achieved with trade data systems that cover multiple countries.

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Paraguay

Brazil data includes both container and non-container information. Other countries only cover container trade.


What are the Sources

Datamar holds a partnership with shipping lines and agents to collect ship manifests in the countries covered. Datamar analyses this information and edits it to ensure consistency and standardization. Datamar also adds this information to its other databases on vessel calls, services, terminals, commodities, companies and others to provide DataLiner.


Who uses DataLiner

  • Shipping lines
  • Terminal operators
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Logistics operators
  • Dry ports
  • Investment funds
  • Port Authorities
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Ship Agents
  • Consultants

What information is available in DataLiner

CarrierCarrier that issued the BL
Carrier AgentCarrier's Shipping Agent at the port
OperatorVessel Operator
Vessel Operator AgentVessel Operator Agent
Company CodeCNPJ for Brazil, CUIT for Argentina
AddressesStreet, City, State and Postal Code - where available


Ports and Origins/Destinations
Origin/DestinationPlace of Origin/Destination
Maritime PortFirst/Last Local Port
Transhipment PortsPort where the long haul vessel loaded/discharged
Terminal Terminal specified within the port of long haul operation


NCM codeNCM code of the commodity
Complete BL DescriptionExact commodity description as per bill of lading
Cargo TypeCargo Type (Container, Break Bulk, Liquid Bulk and Dry Bulk)
Container TypeContainer Type (R = Reefer, D = Dry, T = Tank)


Vessel NameLong Haul vessel name
Vessel CallDate vessel entered first/last local port
Vessel TypeType of Vessel
Container CapacityNominal capacity in TEU
Reefer CapacityNominal capacity in TEU
DWTDeadweight - maximum weight vessel can carry, including its own weight
GRTGross Weight - weight of the vessel itself
IMOIMO number - unique number for any vessel


Service NameMost common name attributed to a liner service
Port RotationPorts at which the service calls
SlotTrue or False field for carriers that operate as slot charterers
FrequencyFrequency a service calls at ports


TEUTwenty Foot Equivalent Units
20 foot containers20 foot containers
40 foot containers40 foot containers
Container unitsNumber of Units
WTMTWeight in Metric Tons
Packages (Units)Vehicle Units
Other CalculationsCreate your own calculation like FEU, Growth and many more

Datamar Consulting

About us

Datamar Consulting specializes in providing Consulting services in Maritime Transport, Foreign Trade, Port Management, Logistics, Planning, Data Analysis and Interpretation. The division was created in 2013 by Datamar and is based in São Paulo.

It’s team of experienced independent consultants are spread throughout important cities in Brazil and Argentina and together, have an aggregate market experience of more than 200 years.

Their practical know-how and vast network of contacts within the industry, allied to precise data supplied by Datamar, allows Datamar Consulting to supply solutions within a framework of solid market intelligence, strategic planning and project management methodologies.

  • Ports and Terminals
  • Banks and Investment Funds
  • Carriers
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Trading Companies
  • Freight Forwarders

Recent Projects

    Brazil Grains Logistics Research Trip (Caminhos da Soja) – January 2015

  • 7,940 KM by Road
  • 900 KM in Waterways
  • 51 Meetings
City KM Comment
São Paulo - SP -  
Anhembi - SP 222 End of the Tiete-Parana waterway, where soy is transhipped to trucks which take it to Santos.
Pederneiras - SP 135 Terminal where part of the soy from the Tiete-Parana waterway is transhipped to trains which take it to Santos.
Pereira Barreto - SP 357 Second biggest man-made canal, which links the Tiete river to the Parana river.
São Simão - GO 319 Main loading terminal on the Tiete Parana waterway.
Rodonópolis - MT 588 Junction of the BR163, BR364 and Ferronorte, as well as na important agro-industrial complex (Bunge, ADM).
Cuiabá - MT 240 Meetings with Aprosoja, Imea, road concessionaire Rota Oeste and the Industry and Trade Secretariat of the state of Mato Grosso.
Lucas do Rio Verde - MT 310 One of the main soy production regions in Brazil.
Miritituba - PA 1137 Several terminals being built on the Tapajos river for loading grain onto barges which will take it to Barbacena.
Barbacena - PA 1229 Several terminals being built to receive soy from Mato Grosso and tranship it to bulk vessels..
Marabá - PA 472 Tocantins-Araguaia waterway, Steel Production complex, Logistics Junction (5 highways + 2 rivers + Carajas railway).
Goiania - GO 1421  -
São Paulo - SP 937  -


Cool Logistics – Rotterdam 2013


Logistics – Sao Paulo 2014


Port Finance International – Rio de Janeiro 2015



How we can help

DatamarConsulting is the result of joining Datamar’s reliable databases with experienced and renowned consultants in Foreign Trade and Logistics to offer solutions in:

  • Market Research.
  • Competitive Environment Diagnostics.
  • Commercial and Operational Feasibility Studies.
  • Infrastructure Project validation and consultation.
  • Integrated Logistics.
  • Interpretation of regulatory frameworks.
  • Supply and Demand trends, port tariffs and maritime freight.

Our Methodology

The first step is to use our extensive network to identify and allocate experienced and specialized personnel who will already have a profound understanding of the client’s sector and will quickly absorb their specific business and market dynamics. Our consultants and analysts will then use varied analysis tools to interpret and cross-check all the relevant databases, in order to deliver diverse reports and studies such as:

Market Research: identify and investigate potential new clients and markets, through database analysis and field research.

Competitive Analysis: application of analyses such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), Porters Five Forces (Direct Competitors, New Entrants, Substitute Products, and Client and Supplier Bargaining Power) and Four Corners (Drivers, Assumptions, Current Strategies and Capabilities) to map competitors in order to: anticipate possible competitor moves, identify areas to protect and when/ how to act against your competition.

Commercial and Operational Feasibility Studies: through these studies we aim to help both exporters/importers and ports and terminals to minimize their margins of error in starting new projects, products or services, through detailed analysis of all the variables that will impact the project.

Project Validation and Consultation: help financial institutions such as banks, investment funds, holdings, shareholders and boards of directors by verifying and validating work presented by company executives.

Integrated Logistics: planning and implementation of efficient processes in transporting and storing products (raw materials, semi-manufactured and fully manufactured products), from the point of origin to its destination.

Interpretation of Regulatory Frameworks: amidst constant changes in rules, regulations, laws and constitutional amendments, which govern the logistics and foreign trade sector, we use our network and knowhow to help our clients decipher the picture and quickly find the best legal ways to operate.

Supply and Demand Analysis, Port Tariffs and Maritime and Land Freight: by cross- checking the development of historic and forecast port throughput against installed and planned capacity plus interviewing our diverse network, it is possible to accurately project trends and developments.

  • Assistance with new company start-ups.
  • Assistance in the selection of ports and terminals.
  • Experience in labor, government and industry relations.
  • Knowledge of major shippers, 3PL’s, forwarders, CHB.
  • Knowledge of transportation issues and regulations.
  • Interpretation of regulatory frameworks.
  • Knowledge of Brazilian Flag and Foreign Flag owning, chartering, operations.

DatamarConsulting is composed of a group of executives with ample and varied experience in shipping, port operations and management, logistics, planning, data interpretation and analysis. Thanks to its extensive network, its team members are ready to action other specialists wherever there is a client demand.

Some of the work already conducted by this team includes but is not restricted to: starting up new operations by carriers in Brazil, project structuring to request bank financing, Merger and Acquisitions, Feasibility studies for new services, Supply Chain Planning, Negotiation with government and union authorities, Market Research, Business Intelligence Tool Development, Cargo Containerization, Technical Advice.

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Datamar Academy Workshop and Course

What is it

Datamar Academy is a course to prepare individuals to work in the shipping , foreign trade and logistics sector , with the objective of improving the efficiency of companies working in these sectors.

Why Datamar Academy?

Professionals working in the shipping market and having access to the most relevant databases, are able to qualify and potencialize the reasoning ability of industry individuals.

Program content

The role of the foreign trade and shipping in a globalized world

  • Ships and their importance – routes, commodities, carriers
  • The shipping industry – VSAs, Mega Joints, Slow Steaming

Brazil’s relevance to world trade

  • Main commodities, ports infrastructure, exporters/importers
  • Main bottlenecks in the sector; PNLP, PND, PIL, TUPs, concessions

Variables wich influence the sector

  • Financial results, main costs ans revenues, supply and demand, competition
  • The exchange rate and countries’ competitiveness, embargos, trade barriers

Market Intelligence in Shipping

  • What is market intelligence, the importance os information in decision-making
  • Databases, analytical tools, SWOT, BCG, Porter’s 5 forces among others

Visit to a local port terminal.

40 hours

Educational material included

In Company benefits

  • Most conveniente schedule for your staff
  • Interaction between students without exposing challenges to competitors

For more information call +55 11 3588-3033
Or send an email to secretaria@datamaracademy.com.br


About Us

What we do?

Datamar was founded in 1996 as a consultancy business specializing in the analysis of Brazil’s maritime and foreign trade sectors. Its activities have now grown to cover both East and West coasts of South America and it aims to provide greater understanding of imports, exports, port movement, terminal infrastructure and other related issues.

Datamar builds and maintains databases, provides consultancy to businesses and trains individuals in the maritime, foreign trade and logistics sectors. Among some of its products, it offers the best possible information on foreign trade available in the market through ship manifests, obtained directly in partnership with shipping companies and agents.

To guarantee the quality of their services, Datamar has experienced staff continuously trained in validating and processing data through custom built systems, as well as consultants that are well connected and can quickly build the most relevant content into any business solution.

Industries Served

  • Carriers
  • Ports and Terminals
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Trading Companies
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Banks and Investment Funds

Our Clients

São Paulo - Chácara Santo Antônio
Rua Alexandre Dumas, 1711, 5º andar
Rio de Janeiro - Centro
Rua Beneditinos, 16, 5º Andar - Centro

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